Adel Kay Knitting Patterns

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Copyright & Permissions

Intellectual Property Rights & Copyright

Adel Kay is the owner of Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright) of all Adel Kay branded Designs. No rights are given for unauthorized copies or duplicates of Adel Kay Designs in any format.  Any unauthorized copies or duplicates of patterns will infringe Adel Kay’s intellectual Property Rights and will be liable to prosecution.  Adel Kay designs may not be copied in any format, electronic, paper or otherwise.  Copyright remains solely with Adel Kay.

Permissions given to customers purchasing Adel Kay branded Design Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Adel Kay patterns may be used for knitting or crocheting items for personal use only, or for items to be donated to charity. However, knitted and crocheted items made from these patterns may NOT be sold or retailed, or sold for commercial or business gain.  In other words, permission is granted for you to knit my patterns as gifts or to donate to charity; but any knitted or crocheted items must not be sold or retailed for commercial gain.  

Copyright breach seriously harms business.  Please report it.